Image at Anytime, in Anywhere and by Anyone

 The 33rd “Image Sensing Show,” where domestic and overseas image processing and sensing technologies meet together, will be held simultaneously with the “Precision Measurement Fair” featuring measurement which supports Japanese world-class precision processing technology, and The 24th Symposium on Sensing via Image Information (SSII 2018).
 Not limited to FA and machine vision, we will install the “QoL (Qualify of Life) Zone” which proposes new possibilities by image processing and sensing technologies, contributive to enhanced safety, comfort and efficiency in our daily lives, “System Integration Zone” which introduces comprehensive system building, and a special section for the exhibitors active in the fields such as “Deep Learning” attracting a great deal of interest in these several years, and “Security,” “Medical” and “Academic-industrial Cooperation.”
 In the “Image Sensing Seminar” to be held in the exhibition hall, the speakers active on the front lines will give lectures on the high-profile image processing and sensing technologies which have been acceleratedly developed in connection with automatic operation, smart factory, AI, IoT, and so on, considering the present latest technologies to the future.
 In addition, we will exhibit the cutting-edge image sensing technology and actual application system intended for practical use through collaboration with The Symposium on Sensing via Image Information (SSII) .
 We will further expand the subjects of this exhibition, “acquisition of a new customer,” “encounter with a business partner,” and “understanding of market needs.” We hope you will utilize this exhibition for your business opportunity.


Name of Exhibition IMAGE SENSING SHOW 2018
Concurrent Events Precision Measurement Fair 2018
24th Symposium on Sensing via Image Information:SSII2018
Sponsored by Advanced Communication Media CO.,LTD.
Supported by Imaging Association Japan(IAJ)
Japan Industrial Imaging Association(JIIA)
Period June 13(Wed.) through 15(Fri.), 10:00a.m.-5:00p.m.
Type of Exhibits Equipment and system related to imaging technology.
Contact Advanced Communication Media CO.,LTD.
2-21-27 Hyakunin-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 169-0073
Phone:+81-3-3367-0571 Fax:+81-3-3368-1519

Summary Report of ISS 2017

Number of Exhibitors 129 Companies in 242 Booths
Number of Visitors 16,068 ※Concurrent Events are contained

Scope of Exhibits

  • Industrial image processing systems and devices for machining/assembly, inspection, control, and so on.
  • Image processing systems and devices in a variety of fields such as the universe, Earth, organisms, medicine, traffic, security, education, amusement, service.
  • Various kinds of image sensors, image condensation/restoration devices, and transmission devices.
  • Other image sensing devices and systems.

Target Visitors

  • Car industry
    Planners and developers wanting to introduce next-generation functions and systems into the car bodies, interiorfacilities and driving environment.
  • Security industry
    Developers and researchers looking for higher-performance crime preventive devices, and new crime preventive systems and services.
  • Amusement industry
    Planners and programmers engaged in development of new-sensation games and devices.
  • Construction industry
    Designers and developers wanting to introduce new rooms and spatial facilities in order to allow safer and more comfortable living.
  • Nursing care, welfare and medical treatment industries
    System administrators aiming to develop and improve services by behavior analyses of users and higher work efficiency.
  • Distribution, retail and logistics industries
    Designers and planners considering system introduction for development of new products and efficient product management

Visitor Breakdown

For Visitors

Admission Free
No advanced registration required.
Please prepare two business cards for submission to the reception desk, upon entrance.
Please note that we are unable to provide documentation or support for any Visa related request.
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