Far-sighted Sensing Technologies

 The IMAGE SENSING SHOW, the 38th this year, has been developing under the theme of “Far-sighted Sensing Technologies” by getting together domestic and overseas exhibitors having image processors and sensing technologies. After COVID-19, there have been big changes in the social systems and business structure, introducing the sensing and imaging technologies into different sites. With our work styles being reformed, there will be more needs for automation and labor saving.
 To meet the needs, this exhibition specially sets up a “Digital Solutions Zone” intended to introduce the up-to-date technologies whose utilization will be expanded, such as AI and deep learning/cloud, 5G, 6G and communication/IoT and edge computing/VR, AR and MR/automation system and RPA. It also provides plannings and services responding to various needs such as “Advertisement and Sponsor Planning”, “Trial Booth Limited to New Exhibitor”, “Job Corner” and “Technological Consultation Corner”. Furthermore, in the seminar room specially set up in the exhibition hall, the experts working at the forefront of AI and imaging technologies give the lectures on the latest topics, and the exhibitors introduce product technologies.
 The appeal of this exhibition is the exchange of people, goods and information, resulting in fulfilling face-to-face communications. It not only allows the visitors to view actual devices and their demonstrations, but also creates a precious opportunity to publicize your business attraction.
 We hope you will utilize this exhibition to acquire a new customer, encounter a new business partner and exchange information to understand market needs.


Name of Exhibition IMAGE SENSING SHOW 2024
Concurrent Event 30th Symposium on Sensing via Image Information : SSII2024
Sponsored by Advanced Communication Media CO.,LTD.
Supported by Imaging Association Japan(IAJ)
Japan Industrial Imaging Association(JIIA)
Period June 12(Wed.) through 14(Fri.), 2024 10:00a.m.-5:00p.m.
Types of Exhibits Every equipment, system and media related to image engineering.
Contact Advanced Communication Media CO.,LTD.
2-21-27 Hyakunin-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 169-0073
TEL: +81-3-3367-0571 FAX: +81-3-3368-1519
E-mail: exhibit@adcom-media.co.jp Attn: ISS Secretariat

Summary Report of ISS 2023

Number of Exhibitors 135 Companies in 252 Booths (Catalog exhibit includes 2 booths)
*List of last year’s exhibitors
Number of Visitors 10,008

Scope of Exhibits

  • Cameras and image sensors
  • Lenses and filters
  • Other optical parts and materials
  • Cables and connectors
  • Light sources
  • Image boards
  • I/O units
  • Image processors and transmitters
  • Image recorders and compressors/decompressors
  • Measuring instruments and analyzers
  • Other image related equipment
  • Image software
  • System integration
  • Mechanical elements
  • Contracted development
  • Robot parts, materials
  • Robot control
  • Automation system, RPA
  • Other robot-related
  • AI and deep learning
  • Cloud computing, 5G, 6G and communication
  • IoT and edge computing
  • VR, AR, MR
  • Books/Web media
  • Others

Target Visitors

  • IT industry : Planners and developers addressing new business models through digitalization such as AI, deep learning and next-generation communication.
  • Car industry : Planners and developers wanting to introduce next-generation functions and systems into the car bodies, interior facilities and driving environment.
  • Amusement industry : Planners and programmers engaged in development of new-sensation games and devices.
  • Nursing care, welfare and medical treatment industries : System administrators aiming to develop and improve services by behavior analyses of users and higher work efficiency.
  • Security industry : Developers and researchers looking for higher-performance crime preventive devices, and new crime preventive systems and services.
  • Construction industry : Designers and developers wanting to introduce new rooms and spatial facilities in order to allow safer and more comfortable living.
  • Distribution, retail and logistics industries : Designers and planners considering system introduction for development of new products and efficient product management.

Breakdown for VisitorsISS2023 track record

Visitor Breakdown Visitor Breakdown Visitor Breakdown

*The total does not necessarily amount to 100% because the first decimal place is rounded off.

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