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*Second call for exhibitors is open until April 17 (Wed.).

●Application deadline: April 17 (Wed.) *Registration will be closed as soon as booth slots are filled.
●Zones cannot be specified.
●1st applied exhibitors will have priority in determing the booth location.
●The booth layout is scheduled to be published in late April.
●Exhibitors list will be posted on website from early May.

Please fill in the necessary information below and send it.
The exhibition guide can be downloaded from the website.
Download Exhibition Guide

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❶Types of booths and number of booths *Required

TypesPrice(10% tax included)QtyUnitRemarks
Table Top BoothJPY258,500/booth Booth(s)
Table Top Booth with Catalog StandJPY258,500/booth Booth(s)*This booth is limited booths and cannot be connected to other types of booths.
Table Top Booth with Designated Light Source and Lighting ZoneJPY258,500/booth Booth(s)
Trial Booth limited to new exhibitor(Limited to the first 20 companies)
*Application has been
closed as the number
of slots has been reached.
JPY55,000/booth Booth(s)*This booth is limited booths and cannot be connected to other types of booths.
*Zones cannot be specified.
Package BoothJPY462,000/booth Booth(s)
Space OnlyJPY385,000/booth Booth(s)
Video Exhibition BoothJPY198,000/booth Booth(s)
Catalog ExhibitionJPY33,000/pce Pce(s)

If you would like to exhibit with a special booth layout, adjacent or face to face with other exhibitors, please fill in the following. *Location can not be specified for all type of booths.

❷Zone Designation *Required

*If you select "Table top booth with Designated Light Source and Lighting Zone" as the booth type,
the Light Source and Lighting Zone will be automatically specified.
*Please make sure that the products handled are in accordance with the zone contents.

❸Products *Required

❹Paid optional services

TypesPrice(10% tax included)QtyUnitRemarks
Backyard Stock RoomJPY55,000/booth Booth(s)*2000mm(W)×1000mm(D)
×2100(H)mm(Frontage size:900mm(W)×1900mm(H))
Internet LineJPY66,000/access Access(s)*Wired LAN (RJ-45 connection)
will be available.
*Communication speed: up to
1 Gbps upstream / 1 Gbps downstream (best effort type)
Company Nameplate with Specified LOGOsQuote separately pce(s)*If you use only the free company
name plate included in the exhibition
fee, you do not need to apply.

Advertisements and Various SponsorsFrom JPY55,000*Please apply separately from here.
Exhibitor SeminarJPY132,000/slot*Please apply separately from here.
VISA Assistance / Interpretation serviceQuote separately*Please contact CIEN Global K.K. via E-mail

❺Free optional services(Only Japanese mailing address is available) *Required

ISS 2024 A1 poster  pcs(s)
We will send posters for the announcement of the Image Sensing Show 2024 to companies that request them in late April.

Posting job information at the job corner(request for detailed materials) 

❻Exhibitor Information

Company *Required
*Information posted on the exhibition website.
*Information posted on the exhibition website.
Address *Required
*Information posted on the exhibition website.
Telephone *Required
*Information posted on the exhibition website.
URL *Required
*Information posted on the exhibition website.
Contact Person *Required
E-mail *Required

❼ Billing address *Please fill in the Billing Address, only if different from above

Contact Person


1. Exhibition Fee
An exhibition fee will be charged when we receive your exhibition application (we will send you an invoice by e-mail later).
*Other expenses except exhibition fee will be charged after the exhibition.
*Electric work, leased equipment and optional services will be announced in late April.

2. Consumption tax
The applicable consumption tax is that effective at the time of opening this exhibition. In case your application is made before the change of the tax, the difference will be additionally charged.

3. Bank transfer fee
You are kindly requested to pay a bank transfer fee.

4. Cancellation Policy
In case an applicant cancels exhibition due to its convenience, an exhibition fee will not be reimbursed. A cancellation fee is 50% of the exhibition fee if cancelled up to 60 days (Apr. 13 (Sat.) before opening of the Exhibition, and all the exhibition fee if cancelled after Apr. 14 (Sun.) or later).
In case the Exhibition is cancelled due to the convenience of the organizer, however, all the exhibition fee will be reimbursed.

5. Joint Exhibits
For joint exhibition, we only accept the arrangement of booths that are next to or opposite to each other.

You agree to our personal information protection policy.


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