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*This application period has now been extended.
Applications will be closed as soon as lecture slots are filled.
Please note that there may be a delay in posting information on the seminar pages of the exhibition website.


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①Application for Lecture *Required

Lecture DatePrice(incl. tax)QtyUnit
International Imaging Technology Seminar132,000JPY/slot slot

②Archive video distribution service *please refer to the exhibiton guide for the detail

Lecture DatePrice(incl. tax)QtyUnit
Archive video distribution service88,000JPY/slot slot
*If you have multiple lectures, we will confirm the date of recording after the date and time of your lecture are confirmed.
Application has been closed as the number of slots has been reached.

③Exhibitor Information(Applicant Information) *Required

Company Name
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④Billing address *if different from exhibitor information

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⑤Notes *Required

1. Applications will be accepted on first-come-first-served basis. (acceptance should be made by an return e-mail from the secretariat)
2. Applications should be accepted only for exhibitors at ITE 2023.
3. The date and time of the lecture will be decided by the secretariat depending on the theme of the lecture.
4. 100% of cancellation fee will be charged if you cancel after the application deadline.
5. Regarding the titles of lecture, name of speaker and other manuscripts.
Pre-registration for attendees will be started on the exhibition website from mid-October 2023.
Please prepare "Lecture title, name of speaker", "Lecture summary (about 200 characters)", "Recommended for such people (3 points)" by September 22 (Fri).
(The manuscript format and submission address will be informed by e-mail later)

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